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Invest in the core skills required to be a marketer for today’s business. Learn the ropes of developing a winning go-to-market strategy and action plan with the right metrics to track progress and achieve your goals, then immediately apply them to your business. We provide the tools you’ll need, and we can coach you along the way.

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What sets the class apart from other is its small group discussions that are intentionally focused on your specific startup rather than broad case studies.  Over the course of the class, our pitch deck continually developed, and we were ready for any marketing questions from the investors meetings that followed.  The workshop was a great experience, and we'd highly recommend to others!

Dan Evans

CTO, RecoverX



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You don't need an MBA, but you do need to know, and get good at, the basics.  We've taken what we've learned over the past twenty years and broken in down into bite-sized chunks (that we call episodes) to help you become a better marketer. 

Bite size Learning.  Coaching.  Community.

Each episode goes deep on a single topic.  There are templates and resources to help you understand and apply what you've learned to your business.  We're here to help you along the way if you get stuck, or if you decide you'd rather have someone else do it.

Marketing Made Easy.
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Grow Your Business.

Often that breakthrough you need is though to get when every minute you have is taken up by the work at hand. That is why we created a series of workshops to help you ask the right questions, generate lots of possibilities, and arrive at a plan that gets you on the path to success quickly and confidently.

Bring the outside in and inside out.

First we work with you and your team to understand the business and the challenge at hand. Many times we’ll talk to customers and partners too, to build out the picture. Then we get to play. We mash up strategy and creativity in highly collaborative (and fun!) session to create solutions and get everyone on the same page. 

Here’s a sample of some things we have done – it usually takes a day or two:

  • Competitive strategy and plays to compete and win

  • Building Blocks of Great Product Launches

  • Market Smart:  Go-to-market Strategy for Boot-strappers

  • Building pipe: Simple strategies to jumpstart B2B businesses

Let’s work together and create one for you!


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